Saturday, April 14, 2012


I can hear
monastery bells loud
I'm alive

  • Haiku Heights - Day 15 : #128 : Alive
  • Dear friends I have been travelling a lot these days, and not able to comment much, but will make sure to catch up soon!!

  • I got couple of Sweet friends who speak Spanish and Portuguese, so I thought to translate the lines and writing them too so that it would be easy for them to go through.

In Spanish
sus palabras suaves frote el viento
se mezclan con mi mesmerize
aliento, susurro tejidos calidez

In Portugese
suas palavras macias esfregar vento
misturam-se com a minha mesmerize
respiração, calor sussurro tece


  1. How lovely it would be to hear monastery bells. I agree, that would be life affirming.

  2. Anytime our senses are in good working order, we find it easier to feel alive.

    I loved the Spanish poem:

    "his smooth words rub the wind
    mingle with my mesmerized
    breath, I whisper woven warmth"

  3. Ah, yes, loud bells remind us we are alive!

  4. What a wonderful sound to hear! This reminded me of a poem I wrote a while ago: :)


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