Thursday, March 15, 2012

All in a Day's Work - my Prayer

The drawing below is created by me for this particular post as an extension of rachi creations..

I wish that the days come easy but the moments pass slow,
I know you are sad, but this woe shall not last and go,
Remember that I’m here praying all well for you,
And this too shall pass though…

I know you’ll get two roads ahead to choose,
Memorize that when you make up your mind to pick,
Decide this time, the one which leads only the happiness within.
Don’t you despair and leave the hope,

There’s more to see and more to do and more is restored for you.
There’s not far too much, the feeling for healing and power,

The beauty of bliss is what you ought to prefer,
The bliss definitely deserves the beautiful as you are,

I wish you never lose your innocence,
I wish you forever-love to immerse in,

I know you will get it all while you strive,
I know when you’ll keep marching and skipping the undesired;
I know you will find a door on your way knocking at your fortune,
Don’t hesitate to open and embrace the new…

Kick off everything and take up the new,
Confirm your strength to cope up the cold and open the door,
Smile and add the warmth to your soul,

Show the world Sweetie!
You are worthy of that little bit of…
I know all in a day's work, you will get it entirely in that bit all,

My wish, for you, is that your life becomes the way you want it to be,
More than anything and most of everything, I wish it would be…

Your desires and dreams come true,
I wish, your pain and worry disappears too,

Let me give you a seed of peace from my prayer,
May you plant it deep down inside your heart and take care,
Let it grow firm and huge,
Let it give shade and cure your untold wounds,

This is my pining wish and this is my intense crave,
This is it’s all in a day's work for me to sustain,

And this little moment, humble though they may be,
I shall pray for you everyday and every split second ticking,
Yearning the mighty ages of happiness and love for you,

Winding the menace, crushing the stress,
This anxious endless round shall also have an end,
Time is rolling high, blinking the joyous instincts,
Your pursuit of infinite answers shall cease,
You will witness the spark, the faith beyond and within,
You will flutter and flaunt as ever,
Persuaded blushing in pleasure forever,

You never need to carry more than you can hold,
You never need to hold in back again, no matter what others told,

I want you to be hopeful and believe this insight,
This is my wish and this is my Prayer,

Between I hope you know somebody loves you here,
Remember that all in the day’s work…
I’m here praying all well for you!
That this too shall pass soon…

I have re-posting this poem for dVerse Poetics, hosted this week by very talented Charles Miller. The “Chazinator” is asking us to fill in the gaps so that the reader understands the prose. It's like giving a bit of background on what was happening in one's life, which made you create the prose and what the prose is actually all about.
  • This is a re-posted post which I wrote quite sometime back in my original first blog 'Humming Today'. Someone might regard it as a prose but for me it is a prayer for my very dear friend, who was not doing well then and was going through a very rough phase of her life, it is something she have been suffering and trying hard to survive. I’m praying here all day and it’s not just the part of all in a day’s work but its something pure and for someone special.
  • This prose beginning consist of lines that are motivating and later lines also exist like in my way making an effort to beware my friend that there could be further tough times ahead so she must practice to act strong. The prose also consist of lines like where I mention that I wish to give her a seed which she can plant in her heart. This is only a gesture to tell her that seed is like a seed of prayer which will grow and get bigger with time only to give her more strength and support to take some major decision of her life that might simply change her life. And this seed of prayer shall stand next to her caring, loving and building her into a powerful character but not leave her innocence. Finale lines of the prose consist of soothing effect that everything that is rough and tough shall also pass soon, but she must maintain her dignity and charisma to prove that she is worth of something good.
  • Though the rough time have passed but there still exist a rough patch in life of my friend. Through this particular post, may I request all my dear readers to pray for my dear friend, that she gets all the strength to stand and face the time bravely !


  1. A very touching poem. Hope your friend feels better soon. I loved the way you ended it, it says it all '..this too shall pass'

    However dark the night, there is always a light at the end of it..

  2. @ Madhu

    Thankyou Madhu! You been the first one to acknowledge my post, thanks again!

    Yes, I'm sure she will recover soon with flying colors! And as you said there is always a light at the end of the night,I hope she finds her sunshine soon!

    Pleasure to have you on my blog :)
    Keep the spark ALive..

  3. hey rachana the touch you give to all your words is amazing...

    am glad in nick naming you as
    'mOvInD sPiRiT'

    because your works are of great strength and support to all people around you no matter who they are...the responsibilities you take yourself is tremendous...

    this post will help her reappearing after fighting against all her forces..

    thanks for everything..

    keep writing and we will be always there to appreciate and thank you !


  4. Beautiful description of the FEEL, you are so gifted lady!!!

    I read twice, to get the feel of what you have woven!!!!

    Hope your fren feels good and happy again!!!

  5. amen...

    this is nice prayer...

    keep it up!!!

  6. Hey Rachana.. a beautiful thought for ur frnd.. Add my best wishes and on my behalf of me whole blog-a-ton community's wishes for her.. She'll definitely cum thru this phase nd why not.. wn she has a caring frnd like u :)

  7. Very thoughtful of you to write this for a friend's sake :) There are very few people who can selflessly stand by others and I guess your friend is lucky to have known you! I could relate to the 'innocence' part in the poem. I've seen a lot of dear ones lose innocence after landing in pains to see them go through that phase...but eventually it'll all be well...hope your friend gets back on track soon:)

  8. A very touching poem... sorry for repeating Madhu's words ... Your friend will certainly come out of the difficulty more so when she has a friend like you who has written such nice for for her... I too pray to god for your friend ....

  9. Wow! Amazing poem. I do hope things work out well for your friend. She's lucky to have a friend like you :)

    It's my first visit to your blog and I just wanted to add one more thing: You have an awesome layout! Love the header! I see you have created it all by yourself! Great job!

  10. I agree with Madhu, very touching poem indeed. I hope, pray and wish your friend feels better soon. very well written Rachana

  11. @ pRiYaN

    Hey Priyan, your comments is so much motivating and aspiring!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and also going into so much detail of the posts I make!

    And the nick name, 'mOvInD sPiRiT’ given by you is such a huge compliment and responsibility at the same time to keep the same spark Alive..Perhaps I'm blushing!!

    Also thanks a lot for your well wishes for my dear friend, hope she will reads this and feel good! However, she does not even know that I have posted this only for her, but I guess she will make out somehow


    It’s always a great feeling to be surrounded with people who understand your intentions and try reading between lines, I discover you are one them!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  12. @ Shrutzz

    Dear...est Shrutzz,
    Thank you so much for reading the posts twice. Yeah the feeling is quite an intense one and I’m glad that my intentions were accepted well! Yes, your wishes too shall help her lotz!

    And yeah! I’m not just gifted but also blessed to have feelings and compliments from a genuine person like you. Thanks Sweetie..!

    BWT: have your hubby come back home from his visit

    I like you visiting my blog.
    Keep the spark Alive..

  13. @ Ravan

    Welcome to Humming Today, Ravan!
    Your best wishes are accepted! Pleas do keep visiting the blog!
    Thanks :)

  14. @ Vipul Grover

    Thanks a lot Vipul for giving us such a beautiful platform to present our creativity plus get in touch with more of talented people!

    However, I must also thanks Mahesh for introducing me to your site and forum :)

    Definitely, the blog-a-ton community wishes shall make a difference into her life! I can only Hope and Pray for her best morale!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving your wishes in form of comments!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  15. @ Raksha Raman
    Thanks Raksha for understanding the core feelings and intentions behind the post!

    Yeah, very true in the hard times we often forget ourselves and start behaving tough and pretend someone else to feel stronger! In the process, however, we often lose the integral part of our nature and soul!
    This is quite scary experience for ourselves and for the people around us!

    I’m glad you connected with the feeling and the post!! Your wishes shall be the great help!

    Thankyou for visiting my blog! Hope to see you again around:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  16. Dhiman

    Welcome to Humming Today, Dhiman!!

    Absolutely it’s just fine to repeat the words, I can understand it dear! However, I’m glad that you made an effort to comment :) and leave you good wishes here for my friend!

    Your wishes are worthy. I’m sure she will be back with bang soon!

    Thanks again for visiting the post!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  17. @ Psych Babbler

    Firstly, Welcome to Psych Babbler to Humming Today..! Thank you for you greetings for my dear friends!

    Also, I appreciate your review for my blog. I liked to see you noticing my blog header.

    And you being a Psychologist observing comes natural to you…wish if sometime you observe more and help in proving and enhancing the blog!

    Yeah, the header is created by thyself, and it’s always a awesome feeling to get noticed and appreciated for!

    You are welcome with your ideas and thoughts…

    Thanks a lot for visiting!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  18. @ Harsha Chittar

    Welcome to Humming Today,Harsha!

    Glad you liked the poem/prayer. Your best-wishes for my friend are admirable.

    Thank you for visiting my post and for all the appreciation!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  19. This too shall pass....
    Your friend must be very lucky to have you as her friend.
    It was a beautiful poem. Anyone who is going through rough phase will feel Ok when he/she reads this.
    Liked it a lot.
    All the best! Cheerios! :-)

  20. @ Karthik

    Welcome To Humming Today…

    I’m so touched with your response that anybody going through the rough phase will fine after reading this post. ..!

    It makes me enthralled to see the best wished pouring from all around for my friend to strengthen her spirits!

    Thank you so much for visiting my page and dropping a comment!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  21. Hi...

    Touching poem with a nice feel , philosophical touch and introspection...
    You are good at fabricating human nuances and emotions in a sensible way.
    Apt narration . Keep up the good work.
    Wish your friend will recover soon.

  22. u wrote this for ur friend? great! u seem to be a true friend ...i'll pray for her as well ...hope she sails through easily :)

  23. hey frd... m speechless... this poem has brough tears in my eyes...u r so considerate towards all yr near n dear ones..may God bless you n yr family..n may u get success always...also praying along wt you for all those in tough is kind of you to take out time and pray for the frd...

    lots of love ...n yr frd m sure will remain strong as she luckily has you by her side....

  24. you have captured the emotions into words.thats something special and amazing, taming words..that is..

    hope your friend holds strong and the cloud clears for her..

  25. @ Mahesh

    I’m glad that you liked the interwoven of lines and emotions.
    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Hope my friend finds her bright path soon!

    Keep in touch!

  26. @ AS

    I heartily appreciate your kind words and best wishes for my friend.

    I’m truly glad that you will too join me in praying for my dear friend, so that she over come all her pain soon!

    Thank you so so much for visiting and leaving a beautiful comment!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  27. @ Madhulika

    All I need and wish my dear friend to be happy and strong. And with all balance thoughts to take her major decisions correctly!

    I’m glad my message is clear with correct. I’m desperately wanting to see her to be exuberant ones again with full of positively!

    Glad you took time to go through the post and wish the same for my dear friend. Thanks Sweetie!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  28. @ Sorcerer

    I heartily appreciate the contemplative of my post...

    Thank you so much for adding your best wishes for my dear friend with the comment in this post. You are welcome with your thoughts at my blog!

    Please feel connected and come back soon…visiting my blog!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  29. Hi!

    I must say, your friend's really lucky to have you in her life! It was beautifully expressed.I hope she feels better soon! :)


  30. Hi Rachana.

    I wonder how many of the comments presumed that the frnd in question is a girl. I dont think you've mentioned it anywhere. Though I see from your responses that they are correct in their presumption. :) Well...strange are the workings of our minds...dont you think?'s my bit wishing your friend the smartest and the happiest recovery. There's a lot more to be experienced in the world. So amny more dishes of various flavours await her. And finally...she must be thankful for having a friend like you who brought her good wishes from unknown friends from far flung corners.

    Good luck and good cheer!

  31. Hi Rachana.

    I wonder how many of the comments presumed that the frnd in question is a girl. I dont think you've mentioned it anywhere. Though I see from your responses that they are correct in their presumption. :) Well...strange are the workings of our minds...dont you think?'s my bit wishing your friend the smartest and the happiest recovery. There's a lot more to be experienced in the world. So amny more dishes of various flavours await her. And finally...she must be thankful for having a friend like you who brought her good wishes from unknown friends from far flung corners.

    Good luck and good cheer!

  32. A very touching poem.

    '... this too shall pass'

    Yes. Hope springs eternal. As they say; "there is light at the end of the tunnel."

    Hope your friend feels better soon...

  33. @ Preeti

    Welcome to Humming Today!!

    Thankyou so much for visiting my post and sharing your best wishes for my dear Friend! I'm sure she will be fine soon...

  34. @ Shalini

    Firstly Welcome to Humming Today!

    Well i have mentioned in the first para that my friend is SHE, hence I'm not surprise to know that people predicted/pretened well.

    However, what amazes me to see how the best wishes and prayers are pouring from all around from so many people into the movement..who hardly know me and my friend. I believe this is a very special moment to feel that the humanity is still existing in the hearts of the people.

    Perhaps I owe a big big thanks to you and many more who are wishing the best for my dear Friend.

    Keep the spark ALive..

  35. @ Roshmi

    Thankyou for your kind words for my dear friend. When the best wishes are pouring from all around fro her, my...I guess OUR little prayer seen to have answered Now in certain way..

    Keep the spark Alive..

  36. My highest thoughts are with your friend. And what a heart warming peom, speachless!

    p.s: seeing your sketches I am feeling so shy of creating a marker for you.

  37. A heartfelt prayer for a dear friend. Am genuinely touched by your sweet concern for your dear friend. She is one lucky person to have a very loving & caring friend like you.

    I hope all goes well for your friend. She'll be in my prayers.

    A wonderful piece of poetry Rachana.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  38. Prayers work! I am doing my part to heal your friend! God Bless all! Your poem is beautiful! God Bless!


  39. Beautiful poem.. Shall add my prayers to yours and hope your friend gets thru whatever it is she is fighting..

    Curious abt this Blog-a ton.. gonna go chk it out!!!

  40. Appreciate your concern and efforts. If that's your original poem, you indeed have a knack for writing poems.

    My sincere prayers for your friend to take control of her life at the earliest.



  41. @ Srivats

    I'm highly appreciative your concern and best wishes for my friend. I wish all these wishes help her a lot as an immortal back up.

    Also, compliment from a creative person like you fro the painting is my achievement and I care for your words!

    Thank you for visiting the post!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  42. @ Chatterbox

    It is such an amazing feeling to see people around you so compassionate.
    Thank you so much Chatterbox for considering the poem/prayer wonderful!

    Also I’m highly touched with your gesture for being there to join in the prayer from my friend. I feel as if my prayer is being answered :)

    Thank you so much for being there!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  43. @ Neeraj

    Definitely prayer works. Things might not look according to your choice but the strength to choose the best is somewhere connected to Prayers.

    You never know from whose heart the true genuine soul feelings melt the odd time.

    Hence, I heartily value your gesture for those words.

    Hope She too realizes the flash of bliss around! Amen!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  44. @ Aaarti

    Your feelings and prayer are accepted and respected.

    Welcome to Humming today, Aaarti!

    I’m glad that one your first visit you left with the best wishes for my dear friend. Thank you so much. I’m sure your words make a difference.

    BWT: I’m thankful to blog a ton for creating an aura to bring as many as readers to my blog, whose best wishes for my friend are simply outstanding.

    Join in, the Blog-a-Ton...Aaarti and you will feel grateful as ever.

    Keep the spark Alive..

  45. @ Prashant Shree

    Your sincere prayers for my friend are perceived as a motion to change things for better.

    My poem/prayer are true words which came quite randomly in the most determined and concentrated motion of the mind thoughts for my dear friend. Perhaps latter I added a rhyme to it.

    I possess a very emotional attachment with my dear friend and wish only the best for her.

    My act to write is this post was only to invite the best wishes and prayers for her. As I do believe the prayers have a strong power to heal and change.

    I heartily appreciate your gestures for the same being and hope your expressions shall find the best will!

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving the best wishes :)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  46. hey Rachana, Thanks for commenting on my previous post...Like you, I love the girlie talks and love Kancheevaram sarees. I have a collection from my last yr's wedding and wait for a chance to pick them up and wear them with my accesorries. I have some 10 sarees with different colours and contrasts :))) My latest fav was the ones I picked up for my sister's wedding which is a dark violet one, with golden prints...I loved your combination post a pic.

  47. Bound to be nice as its a prayer!!

    I wish your Friend soothing time ahead.

    Keep Smiling.

  48. Hey it was really touching rachana!! Bad times are just like the clouds covering sunshine. They move away bringing u the long-lasting shine..

    Hope ur friend comes out of her problems and feel good!

  49. A wonderfully sweet piece of poetry.... Your friend is very lucky to have you :)
    Add all my good wishes too!
    All the best for BAT 5! You should do well... :) :)

  50. @ Makk

    Welcome to Humming Today!

    Thank so much for dropping by with your best wishes for my dear friend. Your prayer is counted and conveyed :)

  51. @ Shruti

    Glad your liked the effort and contributed your time and conveyed your best wishes.
    Like each drop of rain fills the ocean, I believe each wish from you and shall create an compact compassion, which shall serve my friend.

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  52. @ Guria

    Welcome to Humming Today!
    I'm sure things gonna change soon in my friend's life!
    Thankyou for dropping by my blog!
    Hope to see you around again!!

  53. quite touching..... really good ... keep up the good work

    n my wishes for ur frnd aswell

  54. Absolutely touching.Lucky are those people who have genuine friends!

  55. A touching poem.. I pray god that ur frnd shud recover asap.

  56. sorry to hear that your friend is having such a hard time of it...i am glad she has someone like you there to care for her and pray for her...appreciate the process notes as well...will def say a prayer for her...

  57. A wonderful poem fulll of hope and promise. Your friend is lucky to have you as for a friend!

  58. The prayer is so real and spoken from the heart. I do hope your friend is better soon. I have heard that prayer is effective for people even when they do not know that others are praying for them. I also think your words after the poem are quite illuminating about the poem itself and how the poem came to be and what you meant to do with it. Placing the poem into the flow of your real life gives that added dimension where we see how you live and what poetry means for you. Getting to know how poetry links up to real life is important because we see how poetry can make us alive to what is real.


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