Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sounds of Sketches

rachi creation.. Sketches made by me while being in a hotel room during a tour, it was raining outside and I was in my own wonder world!

rachi creations.. 

Lost in transit
In the aura of hymn and a contour line
Only thing still remains
Is the constant lines light presto
Repeating lines that are reaching
Touching the sky, echo rewinds
Brings back the memories so sweet
The first song of my favorite playlist
Where every single word in the song meant so much
Where each line defined emotions so strong
A solo song so perfect
A slight rhyme only reminds,
Of someone special!

I'm humming those tunes
Tunes that translated into bliss
The beginning so sustaining
A solemn strings sync
The chorus I still hear,
Chirping birds calling to celebrate
A swift chirk up turn on one toe
A whistling euphoria
A wind chime joy
I am elated in sibilant sound!

Pitter-patter outside
Blue ink downpour
My little wonder imagination
Feel on the top of my world
Creation in process..
Like the fire cackled cozily
Like charmed blue ocean stills
The tides still playing the tunes
Like lull midnight moon staring
And lullaby of winds weaving dreams
Like murmuring fountains of hopes
Like breath of yours on my skin

Most of the mellow touch
Melting me into tears
My canvas of colors
Pacing painting patterns
A stream surrounds and flow
A harp sinks and settles
Like a chord treble shapes the space
Into a clue, soulful audible search!
With easy earphones dabbed dolce in ears
I hear my drawings saying something melodious
And humble hands busy sketching
Stroke of Harmony in life!


  1. I like these lines:

    "Pitter-patter outside"
    "Blue ink downpour"
    "Like the fire cackled cozily"

  2. A chyme of joy indeed. I enjoyed it.

  3. That you did such creative sketches and then shared them and this amazing poem! Wow...that rocks. A very nice read.

  4. A wonderful write. Very enjoyable to read!

  5. The rapid paced cadence and vivid imagery make this a pleasure to read.

  6. Blue ink downpour is wonderful!

  7. Your pleasure came through and I shared it.

  8. This is what I'd call one of those breathrough moments when you feel completely alive and it comes through in your words and sketches. And it's usually something simple like that.

  9. Sometimes we connect with a song so much. Of course it would be the first song in our playlist that reminds of someone special!

    blue ink downpour of your little imagination is very pleasant to hum. I'm sure every stroke is a beautiful pathway of a creation..

    in simple words, "words become beautiful when you write!"

    Someone is Special

  10. I hear my drawings saying something melodious
    And humble hands busy sketching
    Stroke of Harmony in life!'s all so musical...creations of a heart which is always in a happier state .. I am using the words "state"...Rachana.. keep sharing, writing and living by being always alive.. ( Your words)... well done.

  11. You are a true artist - poetry and sketches - wonderful:)

  12. Pitter patter my heart, this is stunning!
    I have to read it again~

  13. Awesome sketches and poem too! :)

  14. ...the heart of blossoms ~ sings to the melody of the beat ~ thankyoU! ~ for the sweet trills ~ your soul just sang to me ! ~ blessed be!...

  15. Love it!! HAve a great Sunday!


  16. This is a stunning poem. It's raining here too - pitter patter my heart. Love it!

  17. Those are awesome sketches! I would love to see each one close up! Gorgeous!
    Happy Easter.

  18. Lovely sketches and your poem is excellent ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  19. Love all those sketches--especially the ones of the girls!

  20. Your sketches are great! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. And what a well written verse. :)

  21. Wonderful post... I love it being in hotels and away from the real world.... I always think it is very conducive to creative output... and your work is evidence of that... wonderful inspiring stuff...xx

  22. great little sketches!
    happy easter

  23. such a wonderful post, both words and all your sketches!


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