Friday, April 6, 2012

Story told History shared - India

Incredible India!

The Aryans, the Guptas, The Mughals archive derive
The Marathas, The Dutch, French arrive
And ultimately The English occupy
Let bygones be bygones, India still survives!

Pot boiling of blended flavors,
Amalgamation of cosmic colors,
Distinct ceremonies, traditions and spiritual beliefs,
Hub of cultural connection harbors!

From all around the world remold,
Invasion never reached stronghold,
The deep roots of the oldest civilization,
Art, architecture, music, myths and mysteries unfold!

Twenty-eight states swells charismatic,
Twenty-three main languages spoken aesthetic,
Genetic diversities spreads in more than two hundred dialects,
More than one billion zealous people is just more than linguistic!

Saints and Guru Nanak, Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha, Godsend,
Truth and non-violence preached by Mahatma Gandhi a legend,
Mother Teresa blessed land with humanitarian work,
Praying peacefully wholly holy commend!

Mist of ocean soak three sides, merge land clan,
Ships sailed shores wounded caravan became canvas of cosmopolitan,
Sandy desert laden with silk, muslin, gold, spice and precious stones,
Tigers, elephants, peacocks flaunt, snake charmer became craftsman!

Living with lasting imprints scented sentiments,
Lifestyle Inscript brilliant enrichment,
Indian Summer, shared an ancient warm story with the world,
Complement Silicon valley, soft-power* Compliment!

Land of spices protected by Great Himalayas culminate,
Land of festivals possess multitude of Gods and Goddesses celebrate,
Land of forts telling folk tales, myriad temples, monsoons tea, Bollywood, Indian Cuisine
Om! Sanskrit, Sagas, Vedas enchants Incredible Nameste illuminate!

** Please check this video below to understand the Soft-Power! Check the caption for change of language.

Om is said to be the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe. It is said to be the original sound that contains all other sounds, all words, all languages and all mantras. Om is not just a sound or vibration. It is not just a symbol. It is the entire cosmos, whatever we can see, touch, hear and feel. Moreover, it is all that is within our perception and all that is beyond our perception. It is the core of our very existence. If you think of Om only as a sound, a technique or a symbol of the Divine, you will miss it altogether. ..... Om is the mysterious cosmic energy that is the substratum of all the things and all the beings of the entire universe. It is an eternal song of the Divine. It is continuously resounding in silence on the background of everything that exists ref. Wiki


  1. I know very little about the history of India, but what a panoramic view you've painted with this poem. You've populated it with dynasties and saints, folk tales and spices, and what an expanse it is! Beautiful.

    1. Hi Samuel,
      I'm so glad that you liked the concept of the poem and moreover it was a definitely a pleasure for me to be able to use the theme as well as an opportunity to share some points of my home country India.

      You find it good, I find it touching!! Thank you for the sharing us your ideas on poetry & styles in poems to be projected. I loved the AABA concept a lot & shall try to use it more in future in prose!!
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. oh wow...this was not only form but an def gave us a great overview...i would love to visit india some the food, or at least what passed for it here...smiles....lovely

    1. :) I'm so happy to know that Brian, you would like to visit India, I promise you that you wont be disappointed with your visit..even if it is just for two days!
      I'm amazed to know that you like Indian food, since it is quite a spicy one :)
      Hmm..You are most welcome to India! :)

      Thank you for the visit!

  3. Really fine piece here filled with such pride and joy. Thank you!

    1. :) Pleasure is all mine Laurie!
      I'm so happy to see that you liked the prose!!
      Thank you for visiting the prose!

  4. In rhyme the span of Indian culture. I am curious about that land and its people and culture. You give us a rainbow answer to the unasked questions. Beautifully done in form. Thank you.

    1. I'm just over-whelmed to see that you find this prose as well as the place interesting! Simply the aim was to share some points over India, so that my blogger friends who read it get aspired to visit India sooner!!!
      Thank you for sharing your views!!
      I'm touched & so happy!
      Love always!


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