Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sounds of Sketches

rachi creation.. Sketches made by me while being in a hotel room during a tour, it was raining outside and I was in my own wonder world!

rachi creations.. 

Lost in transit
In the aura of hymn and a contour line
Only thing still remains
Is the constant lines light presto
Repeating lines that are reaching
Touching the sky, echo rewinds
Brings back the memories so sweet
The first song of my favorite playlist
Where every single word in the song meant so much
Where each line defined emotions so strong
A solo song so perfect
A slight rhyme only reminds,
Of someone special!

I'm humming those tunes
Tunes that translated into bliss
The beginning so sustaining
A solemn strings sync
The chorus I still hear,
Chirping birds calling to celebrate
A swift chirk up turn on one toe
A whistling euphoria
A wind chime joy
I am elated in sibilant sound!

Pitter-patter outside
Blue ink downpour
My little wonder imagination
Feel on the top of my world
Creation in process..
Like the fire cackled cozily
Like charmed blue ocean stills
The tides still playing the tunes
Like lull midnight moon staring
And lullaby of winds weaving dreams
Like murmuring fountains of hopes
Like breath of yours on my skin

Most of the mellow touch
Melting me into tears
My canvas of colors
Pacing painting patterns
A stream surrounds and flow
A harp sinks and settles
Like a chord treble shapes the space
Into a clue, soulful audible search!
With easy earphones dabbed dolce in ears
I hear my drawings saying something melodious
And humble hands busy sketching
Stroke of Harmony in life!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photography tribute - Haiku

Photos speaks louder!

Pictures have always grabbed my attention as a part of sweet memory!
And for sure looking into the pictures that others have captured, makes me feel like part of their beautiful world, I feel connected, I feel so complete with stills/constant continuous life evolving in the pictures. Talented photographer Sandeep Rathod pictures have always inspired me to feel happy, alive and feel lively instantly! I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his generosity in allowing me to use his captured pictures. Absolutely divine moment and means a lot!
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

sepal, style, stigma,
I learnt in Biology at my school,
details of the flowers!

filament, anther
now that I do see them so clearly,
understand stamen!

Yellow petals with
dash of orange-reddish shade
Like the summer sunset!

Little flowers beams
I think I turned into
being a poet recently!

A stalk endurance
holding strong, a delicate
Charming showy carpel!

Zoom into the details
lights camera action click,
Less is more viewpoint!

Long lens have thin depth
Blurred foreground, sweet spot
A battle with lens!

Give depth to picture
Still moment with life framed
Moment of miracle!

Control points to stitch
Scan the sky for the better sharp focus
Light accompanied shadows!

Sweetly as he said reading...
"Your words make my picture complete!"
It made my day, instead!!

Your great pictures..
Make my words look even better
Humble gratitude!

  • The stigma, style, ovary, and ovule are often known collectively as the carpel or female parts of the flower.
  • The filament and the Anthers are collectively known as the Stamen or the male parts of the plant.

  • Haiku Heights - Prompt : Endurance
  • Sensational Haiku Wednesday - Prompt : #143 Battle
  • The Think Tank Thursday - Prompt : #89 Light

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blue - Haiku

The drawing below is created by me on the Windows Paintbrush as an extension of rachi creation..

beautiful blue eggs sight
orange bosom robin hops

long long winter sigh!

American Robin are one of the first to arrive in spring flying into the blue sky. The American Robin is a member of the Bluebird and Thrush family. It's called the 'American' robin because it was named after a similar (though smaller) bird found in Great Britain. Robins have a reddish orange chest. They have white crescents around their eyes. The body is grayish-brown with dark tail feathers and a white rump. The color of the eggs are robin egg blue (light blue). A female robin builds a nest out of grass and small twigs held together with mud. They keep hopping in the lawns to feed their hungry babies 100 meals each day! A familiar sound in the springtime and sounds something like 'cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.' American robins sing frequently throughout the day, but particularly early in the morning.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yellow Smile - Haiku

Beautiful (c)picture is captured by Harsha Chittar.
Blog: Curious Dino Photography

a monarch catch the sight,
the dust of seeds mixed with scent,
a proud Yellow smile!

breathing as heavily
fluttering like butterflies
feeling the intense heat

playing for many hours
careless and so curious
in the green happy playground

Years after the schooling

Nostalgia is powerful,
We learn the words have true essence!

in a long sentence
Sometimes, single word
sets a difference,

Take you back into
Feather times where the soul is

Secure memories!

A flower in the picture take me back into my childhood. It is so amazing to see that a smallest flower had a biggest place in my heart when it came to childhood memories. And just as those flowers are in bunch, I had bunch of mesmerizing memories related to it. And years after passing by I still feel so elated thinking about them. Thank you Harsha for bringing back those lovely memories with your lovely click!!! Gracious Always! Wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

All in a Day's Work - my Prayer

The drawing below is created by me for this particular post as an extension of rachi creations..

I wish that the days come easy but the moments pass slow,
I know you are sad, but this woe shall not last and go,
Remember that I’m here praying all well for you,
And this too shall pass though…

I know you’ll get two roads ahead to choose,
Memorize that when you make up your mind to pick,
Decide this time, the one which leads only the happiness within.
Don’t you despair and leave the hope,

There’s more to see and more to do and more is restored for you.
There’s not far too much, the feeling for healing and power,

The beauty of bliss is what you ought to prefer,
The bliss definitely deserves the beautiful as you are,

I wish you never lose your innocence,
I wish you forever-love to immerse in,

I know you will get it all while you strive,
I know when you’ll keep marching and skipping the undesired;
I know you will find a door on your way knocking at your fortune,
Don’t hesitate to open and embrace the new…

Kick off everything and take up the new,
Confirm your strength to cope up the cold and open the door,
Smile and add the warmth to your soul,

Show the world Sweetie!
You are worthy of that little bit of…
I know all in a day's work, you will get it entirely in that bit all,

My wish, for you, is that your life becomes the way you want it to be,
More than anything and most of everything, I wish it would be…

Your desires and dreams come true,
I wish, your pain and worry disappears too,

Let me give you a seed of peace from my prayer,
May you plant it deep down inside your heart and take care,
Let it grow firm and huge,
Let it give shade and cure your untold wounds,

This is my pining wish and this is my intense crave,
This is it’s all in a day's work for me to sustain,

And this little moment, humble though they may be,
I shall pray for you everyday and every split second ticking,
Yearning the mighty ages of happiness and love for you,

Winding the menace, crushing the stress,
This anxious endless round shall also have an end,
Time is rolling high, blinking the joyous instincts,
Your pursuit of infinite answers shall cease,
You will witness the spark, the faith beyond and within,
You will flutter and flaunt as ever,
Persuaded blushing in pleasure forever,

You never need to carry more than you can hold,
You never need to hold in back again, no matter what others told,

I want you to be hopeful and believe this insight,
This is my wish and this is my Prayer,

Between I hope you know somebody loves you here,
Remember that all in the day’s work…
I’m here praying all well for you!
That this too shall pass soon…

I have re-posting this poem for dVerse Poetics, hosted this week by very talented Charles Miller. The “Chazinator” is asking us to fill in the gaps so that the reader understands the prose. It's like giving a bit of background on what was happening in one's life, which made you create the prose and what the prose is actually all about.
  • This is a re-posted post which I wrote quite sometime back in my original first blog 'Humming Today'. Someone might regard it as a prose but for me it is a prayer for my very dear friend, who was not doing well then and was going through a very rough phase of her life, it is something she have been suffering and trying hard to survive. I’m praying here all day and it’s not just the part of all in a day’s work but its something pure and for someone special.
  • This prose beginning consist of lines that are motivating and later lines also exist like in my way making an effort to beware my friend that there could be further tough times ahead so she must practice to act strong. The prose also consist of lines like where I mention that I wish to give her a seed which she can plant in her heart. This is only a gesture to tell her that seed is like a seed of prayer which will grow and get bigger with time only to give her more strength and support to take some major decision of her life that might simply change her life. And this seed of prayer shall stand next to her caring, loving and building her into a powerful character but not leave her innocence. Finale lines of the prose consist of soothing effect that everything that is rough and tough shall also pass soon, but she must maintain her dignity and charisma to prove that she is worth of something good.
  • Though the rough time have passed but there still exist a rough patch in life of my friend. Through this particular post, may I request all my dear readers to pray for my dear friend, that she gets all the strength to stand and face the time bravely !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Words - Haiku

sweet words and smiley
excitement engraved

reminder notes

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Childhood - Haiku

The picture below is the original written inscription from my diary. I must have been in 9th Grade in year 1999, when I found this below scribbling into my Diary...
"Today just getting up in the morning from the bed, I started thinking about my future. What would I like to be? In which subject I am good? And after a long time I decided that I would like to do Hotel Management and Mass Communication."
It was an aspiration of a child, unaware for what future holds for her. But a dream come true when actually I actually landed up doing graduation in Hotel Management after finishing my school.

my naive childhood dreams list
scribble captured fortune

careless note blooms

Thursday, March 8, 2012

white feather - Haiku

Walking down the streets, today I found this wonderful white feather. Gazing it, I wondered which bird was that which left this feather for me from it's wing... still difficult to figure out which bird was it and how many windy weathers, the feather must have fought back.

soft light feather lying
whistling scripted long journey
between grass blades

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's Day - Haiku

Happy Women's Day!

ladle in her hand
being drawn through pain every phase
warrior women life

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

silence is screaming

This is my first post to this new blog!

Clouds drifting towards east
Reverie drowning in the dawn,
Purple reflecting windows,
She came dizzy and dreaming
Lock of golden unruly swirl of hair
Flowing down hiding her spine
Revealing her innocence
In her satin black cocktail dress
Mascara kohl in her eyes
Spreading in the morning after sleep
Stalking the stiletto six inches heels of sin
She walked with a subtlety swing in her shoulders
Flaunting her curves and cozy corners
Her feet far out in front of her
But pulling her back into herself
Yet the outcry in her dreams brings her
To the veranda facing sea!
She looked down from the building
Silence screaming from the top of the lungs!
Gloomy sadness on face
With puddles of tears
Floating in her eyes!
From the 21st floor
Where everything else looked
Small and tiny to her.
She lost her heart on the heights!
Strewing cheaters down the rocks.
Her red scarf flying
blending with the breeze!
Her soul sheltered under the sheet of waves
Unaware mesmerized
Seeing brimming mist with pride
Unsettled on the edge
In her hand she holds
A tulip glass of never ending white wine!
Her fingers and it's twisting tales
Staring at the silver ring snugly holding finger
She sipped the wine, with eyes on ring
Swallowed her pain with every gulp of joy in wine
Deeming unsatisfactory glare
She pulled out her ring
From her delicate finger,
Without warning
Unsuspecting unknowing
And dropped the ring into
The glass of half-filled wine
She gave a last glance with a slight dimples
And poured out all undecided
Just as the ring came down
With sprinkling drops of wine
Through every level sinking
Touching the base of the salty water
Settling her desires and hopes
Slumber the series of untamed moments
Going through fire and water
Bursting into a passion of sobs
Splashing around,
Diamond stud on the ring
Now buried in the silty brown sand
Covered in murky mud
Mercy her concealed caprice cupidity
Small waves touching the shore
Washes her uncommitted confusion
She was free from the rings of restraint!

The picture above is taken from the movie 'Titanic' featuring Kate Winslet.