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I have been always very fascinated by poems since my childhood. A beautiful sync of words together describing something ordinary making it look phenomenal...that what amazes the one who writes it and other one who feels connected while reading it.
I have recently started writing Haiku. I truly with all my heart want to thank to my blogger buddies Leo-I Rhyme without Reason and Someone is Special-Few Miles. Poetic Leo who introduced me to Haiku and supported me in understanding the basics of prose. Where as SiS has been sparkling soul encouraging and appreciating the verse, lines and often picking up simple words he liked in the prose. It is just wonderful to have lovely comments which I received in the poems published at my original first blog 'Humming Today', from some brilliant people who love rhymes and are truly expert in creating the one perfectly every time. All this only added a hopefulness in me to create this new blog 'Creation of Hymns' exclusively for my prompt alluring interest of creating prose.

Why only this name?

This name came as in the first thought while deciding of the title of the blog, so it was very prompt and spontaneously sparkling with no confusion at all.
When I thought of naming this poetry blog, I wanted it to have a name something similar or somewhere connected to my original almost 5years old first blog 'Humming Today'.
'Hymn' was one of the closest magical word to 'Humming', I thought. So 'word Hymn' was instantly chosen, moreover it reflected poetry and rhymes. My major part of the title was done with instinctive ease. Then the first part of the title was effortless, since my Hindi name 'Rachana' meant 'Creation' in English. Ting!!!
My name of the Poetry Blog was ready 'Creation of Hymns'.

Ones that was done and interestingly accepted as the name by the blogger search engine, it was time to goggle it and search what for any other site name resembles. Luckily that didn't happen. Smiles every where.
But, I found something quite compelling like 'Hymn of Creation'

"Rig Veda, which contains over Indian sacred Sanskrit collection of 1,000 hymns directed to the Gods . The content of these hymns includes praises, blessings, sacrifices, and curses. It is one of the oldest extant texts in any Indo-European language dated as far back as 1500–1000 BC. One of the most popular hymn is commonly known as the 'Hymn of Creation'"

Then was neither non-existence nor existence:
there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it.
Death was not then, nor was there anything immortal:
no sign was there, the Day’s and Night’s divider.
Darkness there was:
at first concealed in darkness this All was indiscriminated chaos.
All that existed then was void and formless:
by the great power of Warmth was born that One.

Well this was a good quest and a nice twist completely unexpected.
I love such magical miraculous moments! And sure each day is filled with at least one such alluring moment. Absolutely divine and so satisfying. After all this is what we, simple human with complicated emotions are looking each day, a bit of bliss!
Perhaps, this is the idea behind the 'Creation of Hymns'

So let's begin the hymn together, as a Miracle of a Day...

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