Thursday, April 5, 2012


Waves pushing edge far
Mull things - couldn't, can't be
Think of you - me!

  • Haiku Heights - Day 5 : #117 : Wave
  • Picture from movie 'Amelie'

  • I got couple of Sweet friends who speak Spanish and Portuguese, so I thought to translate the lines and writing them too so that it would be easy for them to go through.

In Spanish
Las olas que empujan el borde
Reflexionar sobre las cosas - no podía, no puede ser
Pienso en ti - yo!

In Portugese
Ondas empurrando borda
Mull coisas - não podia, não pode ser
Eu penso em você - me!


  1. Very romantic indeed.. lovely Haiku says and shows..Rachana..for enjoying the sharpness in this..I read it without the words... "Mull Things'..

  2. I like your poem. A romantic situation I have found myself in.

  3. Rachana -- I like your content -- if I may suggest, remember your syllable count to fit either 3 - 5 - 3 form or 5 - 7 - 5 form. Either one can be used for this particular challenge.

    This is my Day 5 ~~ Waves Wash Over Me.

  4. beautiful expression of romantic expectation/anticipation


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