Tuesday, March 6, 2012

silence is screaming

This is my first post to this new blog!

Clouds drifting towards east
Reverie drowning in the dawn,
Purple reflecting windows,
She came dizzy and dreaming
Lock of golden unruly swirl of hair
Flowing down hiding her spine
Revealing her innocence
In her satin black cocktail dress
Mascara kohl in her eyes
Spreading in the morning after sleep
Stalking the stiletto six inches heels of sin
She walked with a subtlety swing in her shoulders
Flaunting her curves and cozy corners
Her feet far out in front of her
But pulling her back into herself
Yet the outcry in her dreams brings her
To the veranda facing sea!
She looked down from the building
Silence screaming from the top of the lungs!
Gloomy sadness on face
With puddles of tears
Floating in her eyes!
From the 21st floor
Where everything else looked
Small and tiny to her.
She lost her heart on the heights!
Strewing cheaters down the rocks.
Her red scarf flying
blending with the breeze!
Her soul sheltered under the sheet of waves
Unaware mesmerized
Seeing brimming mist with pride
Unsettled on the edge
In her hand she holds
A tulip glass of never ending white wine!
Her fingers and it's twisting tales
Staring at the silver ring snugly holding finger
She sipped the wine, with eyes on ring
Swallowed her pain with every gulp of joy in wine
Deeming unsatisfactory glare
She pulled out her ring
From her delicate finger,
Without warning
Unsuspecting unknowing
And dropped the ring into
The glass of half-filled wine
She gave a last glance with a slight dimples
And poured out all undecided
Just as the ring came down
With sprinkling drops of wine
Through every level sinking
Touching the base of the salty water
Settling her desires and hopes
Slumber the series of untamed moments
Going through fire and water
Bursting into a passion of sobs
Splashing around,
Diamond stud on the ring
Now buried in the silty brown sand
Covered in murky mud
Mercy her concealed caprice cupidity
Small waves touching the shore
Washes her uncommitted confusion
She was free from the rings of restraint!

The picture above is taken from the movie 'Titanic' featuring Kate Winslet.


  1. Freedom from the "ring of restraint"
    Loved reading this.
    Hey, you should have written this in present tense - it would have added more punch

    1. hmm..I agree!!
      I will keep this magic trick for next time :)
      Thank you for visiting and leaving lovely comment!!!
      I sure learnt something today!

  2. congrats on the new blog. Always a fun time, especially that first post. Storytelling is good, love the images, especially all the adjectives throughout- I just love adjectives. Anyhow, really enjoyable read. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much Fred!!! Such a sweet comment :))
      Yes! the image is truly beautiful! And you seem to be completely in love with adjectives it seems :)) Actually, even I adore adjectives... So we have something in super-common! How nice! Thank you for leaving your comment, means a lot and hope to see you more often on this blog!!!

      ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. So you have a new blog!!! It will be special I see. This verse is very intense and holds a lot of emotions. I enjoyed it very much. The agonies of young love :-)

    1. :) Thank you so much Ellecee!
      I'm so happy to know that you loved the emotions behind the scene & the prose!
      Hope I will keep up your interest in my prose :))
      Truly Happy!!

  4. You've done a nice job on your new blog and congratulations! Your poem pulls together the fractured elements of a tortured soul, and its description of that pain yields a visceral portrait. I think you might show us more of her thoughts and emotions as she releases herself to the elements in the way she does.

    1. O! Sure Charles, this shall be my interest to continue and see how the prose drops and rise in itself in the waves of emotions and expressions!
      Thankyou so much for liking it, I hope to do better next time :)
      Please do visit again :)
      ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. there is quite thebunderlying tension and intensity to this...which makes the release at the end all the more felt....nicely done

    1. :) I'm so happy and glad that Brian you liked this prose! SO happy to see you on my new blog ride of prose! Thank you so much for visiting, such a beautiful support...I'm loving it :)

  6. Very nice flow to this, just keeps rolling and rolling. The content is great as well.

    Nice work here.


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