Friday, April 6, 2012


faint speck of your light,
Can I repay hope given?
eons of time, We meet!

  • Haiku Heights - Day 6 : #118 : Hope
  • Picture from movie 'Amelie'

  • I got couple of Sweet friends who speak Spanish and Portuguese, so I thought to translate the lines and writing them too so that it would be easy for them to go through.

In Spanish
punto d├ębil de tu luz,
¿Puedo pagar Esperamos dado?
eones de tiempo, nos reunimos!

In Portugese
cisco fracos de sua luz,
Posso pagar espero dado?
eons de tempo, nos encontramos!


  1. I am wordless...this is pure magic of creation.. Sahi Mayano Mein!!

  2. I like this haiku very much. My favorite line is "faint speck of your light" It is a lovely phrase.

  3. lovely written haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Nicely composed haiku. It's really awesome and magical how you're painting with words. Thank you for sharing.



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