Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Story

The poem below is written for d'verse poets pub

There is a story in everything,
in every word we hear or speak..
Perhaps, there lies a conversation,
in every story of life !! Let it spill..
The story goes on, until we skip
from where to start and slowly sink..
in the sweet conversation we did..!
Stumbling surface,
Steps up with words,
Soak into sincerity,
Sit, watch the stars, Spend night
Watch sunshine and sunset, with me...!
Simple start wishing, smile for a while!
Sometimes, more than loud words,
Simple soft whispers are so worth!
I swore,
without you,
there are words which I skip to say
then I stick to silence
beyond the still shadow
before the sleepless hours
let the space,
between you and me, steams up,
as the series of stories,
settles down in the conversation,
showering at the new canvases
and creating new constellations!
Conversation shines on me.
bathe me in color and calm.
Here words spoken shine
underlines sometimes sparks,
stories sliding closer
Soothe soul in the story you share.
That is a secret to touch the shore,
let me sail away...
yet stand and fight back the storm!
Stolen breathes and collecting gasp
by just stopping by to hear or say, A Story!


  1. smiles...this is a rather magical journey...there are stories in everything and everyone waiting to happen...if we take the time to have those conversations....to really know someone more than just passing them...

  2. I love the sibilant alliteration slithering throughout this piece, Rachana. Effective and evocative.

  3. There is a palpable slipping into love here - nice. k.

  4. This is beautiful ... I loved it !!!


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