Thursday, March 8, 2012

white feather - Haiku

Walking down the streets, today I found this wonderful white feather. Gazing it, I wondered which bird was that which left this feather for me from it's wing... still difficult to figure out which bird was it and how many windy weathers, the feather must have fought back.

soft light feather lying
whistling scripted long journey
between grass blades


  1. Such inspiration you have over a soft, light feather. Really lovely!

    1. Thank you so much!!
      So happy to know that you liked this Haiku and an inspiration behind it :)

  2. I have always heard a white feather found -- is an angel message!! :)

    1. Oh! Becca, I'm so surprised and touched with your comment, an angel's message.. every exciting and a blissful moment! Your words makes me wonder if it was some kind of hint or a lovely sign :)) Mystery in nature!

      Thanks a lot for your lovely words!!

  3. A feather with a scripted journey...

    Hmm, if a feather's journey is determined, what about ours?

    Nature’s Songs


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