Saturday, March 10, 2012

Childhood - Haiku

The picture below is the original written inscription from my diary. I must have been in 9th Grade in year 1999, when I found this below scribbling into my Diary...
"Today just getting up in the morning from the bed, I started thinking about my future. What would I like to be? In which subject I am good? And after a long time I decided that I would like to do Hotel Management and Mass Communication."
It was an aspiration of a child, unaware for what future holds for her. But a dream come true when actually I actually landed up doing graduation in Hotel Management after finishing my school.

my naive childhood dreams list
scribble captured fortune

careless note blooms


  1. Wonderful sharing and glad you are doing what you wanted to do ~ namaste, carol ^_^

    1. Namaste Carol!

      Thank you for your lovely words! Yes, I feel blessed!

  2. Replies
    1. I agree!
      Whether dreams come true or not, we should never stop dreaming!
      Thank you for visiting the page and liking Haiku!!

  3. This is a precious bloom indeed... I too have some childhood diary pages and it is amazing to see myself now from that perspective then... How wise you were on that note page... doing the management job now and mass communication with your beautiful haiku...

    1. Hi Lea,
      Firstly since you have mentioned that you too have some old diary pages, would love to see then, I love to feel memories! And yeah, I feel blessed to have my dreams come true in all rightly said, yeah doing my Mass-communication these days by sharing haiku :))
      Thank you so much for understanding!
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  4. Dreaming ... isn't it wonderful. When I was a child I dreamed of being a teacher, but now ... I became a male nurse specialized in oncology and urology. I can't remember that I dreamed about being a nurse, but ... I love my job ...
    Nicely done. Lovely haiku.

  5. Such a lovely haiku...prompt got the attention so well deserved from your discerning are among those lucky ones who are able to live their dreams..touch wood!!! God bless you, Rachana... visit me to see what the diary of my heart had..

  6. i do love that you have this written page capturing the dreams of your youth!
    fantastic haiku journey from dreams to reality!

  7. Dreaming is the first step...then actually following that dream.

    Congrats on accomplishing this milestone ~

    May you always follow your dream ~

  8. Your diary speaks a lot about you...Careless note blooms!...Awesome haiku!

  9. Journaling helps clarify our paths ... although the note may have been hurriedly written without any idea of its ripple effect ... now it seems far from careless! Very nice ... love the fact you still have it and found it for this piece! Thank you for sharing!

  10. What fun to have your visions in youth recorded!

  11. Beautiful.. Glad to read the haiku Rachana...

  12. "naive" is certainly true of childhood, isn't it. I enjoyed your words.


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