Friday, March 16, 2012

Yellow Smile - Haiku

Beautiful (c)picture is captured by Harsha Chittar.
Blog: Curious Dino Photography

a monarch catch the sight,
the dust of seeds mixed with scent,
a proud Yellow smile!

breathing as heavily
fluttering like butterflies
feeling the intense heat

playing for many hours
careless and so curious
in the green happy playground

Years after the schooling

Nostalgia is powerful,
We learn the words have true essence!

in a long sentence
Sometimes, single word
sets a difference,

Take you back into
Feather times where the soul is

Secure memories!

A flower in the picture take me back into my childhood. It is so amazing to see that a smallest flower had a biggest place in my heart when it came to childhood memories. And just as those flowers are in bunch, I had bunch of mesmerizing memories related to it. And years after passing by I still feel so elated thinking about them. Thank you Harsha for bringing back those lovely memories with your lovely click!!! Gracious Always! Wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's day!!


  1. The flower looks like a bunch of small flowers :) . Beautiful description:) !

  2. gorgeous! Thanks. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Very nice how your poem progresses to the end, so many memories like a bunch of flowers - beautiful.

  4. welcome Rachana to haiku my heart! your "yellow smile" is infectious. thank you for sharing memories so close to your heart in gorgeous haiku and taking us into your childhood and back for the love of flowers.

  5. in a long sentence
    Sometimes, single word
    sets a difference,

    I loved it so in an array of find a rhythm of breath, you miss one..

  6. I always look for the single word that will make a world of difference!

    Shadowy Haiku


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