Friday, June 1, 2012


words that my life lacked
wish to lock your soft whisper
end to my longings


  1. Your locking his whisper in your heart to end a longing for words your heart lacked? :) Interesting..

  2. I think it might be the photo that is throwing me off here. I don't know this man, or at least I don't recognize him. Should I? Is he an actor or entertainer? Sure is a handsome fella. Wish I was young again, not to do things differently, but to do them again, maybe paying closer attention to the whispers and lock them in place for future use. All in all it is a lovely Haiku.


  3. your haiku is a song of longing and
    beautiful Rachana, thanks for your place in haiku my heart!

  4. What words did your life lack?

  5. Ah, he's a handsome one. Is he your love? I can visualize this man whispering words into your ear and you finding your bliss. I love your website, by the way. Very intriguing.

  6. Your haiku raises questions and makes me think.. there are layers/deepness behind the words and I love it!


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