Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blue - Haiku

The drawing below is created by me on the Windows Paintbrush as an extension of rachi creation..

beautiful blue eggs sight
orange bosom robin hops

long long winter sigh!

American Robin are one of the first to arrive in spring flying into the blue sky. The American Robin is a member of the Bluebird and Thrush family. It's called the 'American' robin because it was named after a similar (though smaller) bird found in Great Britain. Robins have a reddish orange chest. They have white crescents around their eyes. The body is grayish-brown with dark tail feathers and a white rump. The color of the eggs are robin egg blue (light blue). A female robin builds a nest out of grass and small twigs held together with mud. They keep hopping in the lawns to feed their hungry babies 100 meals each day! A familiar sound in the springtime and sounds something like 'cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.' American robins sing frequently throughout the day, but particularly early in the morning.


  1. Good one.. wrote in the comments on the photo tagged by you on FB... hope you will like them..

  2. Lovely! :)
    Beautiful drawing too

  3. what a cute drawing. i did my own drawing for this too, but on illustrator. (yours is much better than mine)

    senryu of blues & honesty


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