Thursday, June 7, 2012

white spectrum

Colours of white light
my black colored eyes saw Life,
spectrum of dreams sparks

for all the colours
chase sunlight, curl together!

Craft the calm from light

Eccentric to end,
brace yourself, feel blessed, for me

Choose the compassion!

painful yet peace pace
beautiful fleeting breath

promise to be tough!

joy and confusion
had no choice but to smile back

first light filters bliss


  1. I love this self-portrait & poem, gorgeous!

  2. I love it, especially "choose the compassion".....

  3. I love the contrast found in your opening stanza and the rainbow colors swirling! Beautiful writing. It works well to have different sized tye throughout also, very interesting presentation! :)

  4. beautiful selfie! lovely verses!

  5. I love the essence of your words! Beautifully expressed~
    My fav:
    "for all the colours
    chase sunlight, curl together!
    Craft the calm from light" happy you did the prompt! :D

  6. You have found the power of the written word and delight in it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello.
    Those deep, soulful eyes are speaking to me (smile). Nice imagery and flow. Thanks for sharing.

    This Plunderous World

  8. touching write.

    love the choice of wording.


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