Thursday, June 14, 2012

small love story

I could not change
long night after bright day,

Cold talks ignore way!

nasty tumble tear
slip in tidal, tastes like sea,

pale cheeks, pink lips sealed!

last thing that soul longs
joy stolen yet a smile shared

something to shew!

looking at mirror
lonely, alone for so long,

locked in reflection!

holding hands reminds
at times, you are sure missing

being real together!

I'll write, you'll erase
it was not the deal of our

part of art in love!

Symbols illustrate
illuminate sincerely,

Search simple story!


  1. being real together is truly important...holding hands is often symbolic of the close-ness...i see some that walk side by side but never do and i wonder at times...

  2. Ouch: I believe her loss, her salty tear, the width and depth of the loneliness around her. My favorite line: "I'll write, you'll erase."

  3. An interesting twist on the triversen form, wrapped around a heartfelt sentiment.

  4. Beautiful group of haiku, Rachana. Very nice!

  5. You gave us Triversen with a twist and I LIKE it!
    Indeed this is two poems posing as one and read apart, the meanings slightly alter. Very creative, and yes I think very modern!

  6. Interesting take on the form Triversen :)


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