Wednesday, May 2, 2012


speaks in silent smile
I was hers from first moment

her search, stubborn love!

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  1. If it's "Love"
    it can't be stubborn;

    1. Love is a Love after all:)
      No synonym or adjective can ever describe the Love at it's best.
      Yet to me sometimes emotions, even when they are kind of negative or strong attracts me. Or should I put it this way, I have learnt to adore all kind of emotions. 'Stubborn' is a strong word and can be easily misunderstood for it's versatility of reflection. I still don't have any idea how will I justify my words. For I agree with you completely in a beautiful haiku you wrote. Just that if I say, stubborn could be a force, and love has to be effortless, sometimes people love to do a certain thing when they are continuously asked to do, it's a kind of attention they secretly desire for. To me 'stubborn' word refers like a 'regard' in a negative manner! For all is fair in Love and war :) Yet I admit, I can be completely wrong!

      Thank you for blessing this blog with you views!! You have no idea how much I adore replying to you thoughts!
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..

    2. No, you are not wrong...we are both right as we both look at it from very diffferent positions.. but since you like to have open comments..I wrote my thought.. Ignorant was not meant only for you but for all and even for me because I am also not consistent with positivity..there are moments which are very compelling but only thing is that I am able to come back quickly..

      Let me accept and give you a compliment.. I only wish I could have been as thoughtful as you are when I were your are an amazing writer..

      One thing..we all have to learn to be comfortable with presence of contradictory thoughts in our heads...Yes, Keep the sparks that on occasions they can fly too... RS:)


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